New original article on plant genetic resources

Posted on 2023-12-21

Status and prospects of plant genetic resource conservation in Yemen

This study provides a comprehensive examination of the conservation status of plant genetic resources in Yemen, with a particular focus on the national genebank, natural sites and field genebanks. Employing a historical and descriptive approach, the study sheds light on the inception of field inventories and collection surveys, the roles and contributions of various projects and institutions since the late 1980s, and the quantities of seed samples collected from different crop varieties and species. Additionally, the study highlights the challenges faced, especially during the last decade following the eruption of war in early 2015. Specifically, it emphasizes the detrimental impact of the war and sanctions, resulting in the loss of conserved seed samples, and the damage and sabotage of field genebanks. In contrast, there is a need to ensure the enhancement of functioning seed systems and agriculture production even during times of conflict to reduce the impact of food insecurity. To conclude, the study puts forth several proposals, with a strong emphasis on expanding conservation efforts beyond natural sites, enhancing the capabilities for seed conservation in genebanks, and building genetic resources capacity.

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