Teak genetic diversity in Ghana shows a narrow base for further breeding and a need for improved international collaboration for provenance exchange.

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Tieme H V Wanders
James N Ofori
Alexander Amoako
Maarten Postuma
Cornelis A M Wagemaker
Elmar Veenendaal
Philippine Vergeer


We evaluated the genetic diversity of teak provenances at a newly established provenance trial with 52 provenances collected from Africa, South America and Asia in Tain II Forest Reserve in Central Ghana. This provenance collection / trial was established to widen the genetic basis for Teak establishment in West Africa. Using Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) we analysed the genetic diversity of these provenances.  Results of the study revealed that, although acquired from  a wide geographical range, most  Teak provenances in the trial belong to only two distinct groups that are closely related. The implication of this finding is that, for breeding, a wider range of provenances are needed from the original Teak distribution areas and more specifically from Southern India. We conclude that urgent protection of older existing sources of genetic variation in Teak  as well as an improvement  of international collaboration under the Nagoya protocol with countries with  native teak populations is necessary.



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Wanders, T. H. V., Ofori, J. N., Amoako, A., Postuma, M., Wagemaker, C. A. M., Veenendaal, E. and Vergeer, P. (2021) “Teak genetic diversity in Ghana shows a narrow base for further breeding and a need for improved international collaboration for provenance exchange”., Genetic Resources, 2(4), pp. 44–54. doi: 10.46265/genresj.UGUD8568.
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