Special Issue on plant genetic resources ex situ conservation in Europe

Posted on 2024-01-19

The Genetic Resources journal is inviting contributions to a Special Issue on ‘Ex situ conservation of plant genetic resources in Europe – A journey through history, mission, challenges and future opportunities’.

The Special Issue aims to provide an updated overview of ex situ conservation activities in Europe. European genebank managers and plant genetic resource scientists are invited to submit reports on their ex situ conservation activities, including the collections they preserve, the history, mission and scope of the genebank as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Contributions from botanical gardens, community seedbanks, field collections and other institutions working on ex situ conservation of PGR are also encouraged. This issue also welcomes articles and opinion papers aimed at informing stakeholders on current and future projects, initiatives or other emerging topics on the enhancement of the conservation and sustainable use of crop diversity in Europe.

This Special Issue will enhance the dissemination of information on ex situ conservation of plant genetic resources in Europe, help foster future cooperation and allow the sharing of lessons learnt.  

Proposals should be submitted by 30 April 2024. For more information on how to contribute to the Special Issue, visit this page.